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April 2017

Amhion company congratulates our scientific consultant and one of the company founders, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Shtilman Mikhail Isaakovich on his 80th anniversary!


February 2016

Amhion company together with Medical faculty of Otto von Guericke Magdeburg University (Germany), Arivis (Germany), ToxPlus (Greece) and Drugs Technology (Russia) started international project NABUCO: Nanoparticles for Brain Use, Diagnostic and Ophthalmological Applications organized in frames of ERANET RUS PLUS program.


December 2015

Our company wishes you a Happy New Year! On behalf of all employees wish you prosperity and happiness in the New Year and good health and success in all your deeds!


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Rambler's Top100

Medical and biotech polymers with own biological activity

For a number of years "Amphion RPC" has been working in cooperation with Biomaterials Academic Centre of the D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia on the development of conceptually new products for plant growth phytoactive polymers.

Finally we are ready to share the results of our research.

Phytoactive polymers are polymer derivatives of plant growth and development regulators high molecular weight compounds consisting of a polymer carrier and hydrolysis bound regulator group that gradually release active agent with controlled speed.

This allows phyto-polymers to have a unique range properties that are quite different from those of regular low molecular weight regulators.

Some of these properties are:

  • High-level action at low dosage (1-4 g/h when applied to seeds and stems);
  • Prolonged action;
  • Wide range of stimulating doses and concentrations;
  • Lower risk of overdose;
  • No hazard to human or homeothermic animal animal health;
  • Resistance to incidental loss of active agent (evaporation, washing out, biodegradation);
  • Optimal solubility in water.

Phytoactive polymers can be used in various agricultural technologies seed and stem treatment, foliage treatment, etc. It is important to note that such treatment of the plants does not require the use of sticking agents, surfactants, lyophilizers and other additives.

Our phytoactive polymers have undergone extensive testing in various regions of Russia and in a number of other countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey).

Products based on phytoactive polymers (Polystimulins) proved to be rather effective in quite a few technologies for increasing crop yield and quality when used on such plants as sugar beet and other vegetables, grapes, cotton, tea, grain and fruit crops, linen, ornamental and woody plants.

One of the more advanced uses of phytoactive polymers is the treatment of seeds (better developed root system and nutrition area) and stems (improving grafting and rooting).

Another crucial aspect of Polystimulins is that they can be used as anti-stress solutions increasing the plants resistance to lack of water, salinization, below-zero or high temperatures.

Our research allowed us to develop affordable methods of synthesis for almost all the main groups of plant growth and development regulators auxins, cytokinins, gibberellic acid, ethylene producers, and others. Some of the results of our work were reported in a large number of publications. We received a number of patents, including some European. Our results were also reported multiple times at the biggest Russian and international conferences.

It should be noted that in this field of research Russian scientists managed to get well-ahead of their foreign colleagues. Currently they are continuing the research of optimal technologies for synthesis and application of phytoactive polymers.