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April 2017

Amhion company congratulates our scientific consultant and one of the company founders, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Shtilman Mikhail Isaakovich on his 80th anniversary!


February 2016

Amhion company together with Medical faculty of Otto von Guericke Magdeburg University (Germany), Arivis (Germany), ToxPlus (Greece) and Drugs Technology (Russia) started international project NABUCO: Nanoparticles for Brain Use, Diagnostic and Ophthalmological Applications organized in frames of ERANET RUS PLUS program.


December 2015

Our company wishes you a Happy New Year! On behalf of all employees wish you prosperity and happiness in the New Year and good health and success in all your deeds!


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Rambler's Top100

New materials for use in medicine and biotechnology based on porous polymer hydrogels

Porous polymer hydrogels are a sponge-like system composed of a large number of interconnected pores with dimensions of tens of micrometers (average porosity is 75-85 %, average pore size is 35-40 μm). Meanwhile the share of the polymer-based part is comparatively small and makes for 6-8% of the total mass.

Microscope photos of porous polymer hydrogels

Hydrogel materials and products based on them have no industrially produced analogues neither in Russia nor abroad. Their distinctive advantages are high porosity, swelling properties, biocompatibility and biodegradability (the material gets fully replaced by new tissue, thus it is no longer necessary to extract it from the organism).

In accordance with the intended use of the product hydrogel materials can produce a complex effect hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling and pain-relieving action stimulating recovery processes in the body.

Our technology allows to create materials of different form and size, depending on the intended use of the medical device.

Thanks to their comparatively low cost and ease of production our materials have an excellent quality/price ratio and in that regard are not only comparable but clearly superior to the known western and local products that are currently used in similar cases.

We are currently preparing for production two products based on MM-Gel porous hydrogel material:

1) MM-Gel-R wound dressing developed for effective treatment of wounds, ulcers, burns, freeze-burns and bed sores of various etiology, skin defects and areas of donor skin harvesting, as well as for replacement of skin grafts.

MM-Gel-R hydrogel wound dressing:

  • Protects wound tissue-cellular structures from negative environmental effects (reinfection, drying, humidity, mechanical injuries) for the entire treatment period;
  • Does not provoke local irritation or allergic reaction;
  • Removes pain;
  • Removes wound inflammation;
  • Maintains damaged tissue viability;
  • Restores circulatory function;
  • Provides direct stimulation and regulation of the recovery process and creates optimal conditions for new skin growth;
  • Easy to apply and remove without causing injuries or bleeding.

The features listed above make -Gel-R wound dressing the only currently existing material in the world that can be used at any stage of the wound treatment.

This aspect makes it much easier to use it in extreme conditions in the absence of qualified medical personnel, whereas in hospital environment, in addition to its capacity to rapidly heal wounds, MM-Gel-R can decrease the necessary amount of bed days.

Moreover, the use of this wound dressing makes it no longer necessary to prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medicines to the patient. This factor can play a very important role in its possible application in disaster medicine and in the armed forces, while at the same time having a positive effect both on the cost of treatment and psychological state of the patient.

(A) (B)
The look of -Gel-R wound dressing: () in swollen state, (B) in dried-up state.
Example of use of -Gel-R wound dressing.

2) MM-Gel-F surgical implant is developed to fill post-surgical cavities and soft tissue defects, for example in surgery or cosmetology. The implant stimulates reparation process in the wound area, fully degrades into harmless products and gets substituted by tissue in several months. The material has good adhesion to the surface, takes the form of the defect and remains stable under standard sterilization procedures.

The product absorbs large quantities of wound exudate, has a relatively short time of inclusion into the body metabolism accompanied by discussion and growth of proper tissue, provides the opportunity to deliver medical substances with their subsequent controlled discharge.

This product can be used in cosmetic surgery for removing soft tissue defects and is capable of correcting both functional and aesthetic flaws, thus improving peoples health condition and standards of living.

Moreover, the implant can be used in surgery in combination with other modern effective methods of surgical treatment to successfully cure serious patients whose treatment would have been otherwise impossible (for example in case of surgical operations on the destructive pulmonary tuberculosis).

(A) (B)
The look of -Gel-F surgical implant (). Example of use of -Gel-F implant (B) for filling post-surgical cavities (operations on the destructive pulmonary tuberculosis).