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April 2017

Amhion company congratulates our scientific consultant and one of the company founders, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Shtilman Mikhail Isaakovich on his 80th anniversary!


February 2016

Amhion company together with Medical faculty of Otto von Guericke Magdeburg University (Germany), Arivis (Germany), ToxPlus (Greece) and Drugs Technology (Russia) started international project NABUCO: Nanoparticles for Brain Use, Diagnostic and Ophthalmological Applications organized in frames of ERANET RUS PLUS program.


December 2015

Our company wishes you a Happy New Year! On behalf of all employees wish you prosperity and happiness in the New Year and good health and success in all your deeds!


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Amphion Research and Production Centre LLC specializes in research and development of new polymer materials for medical and biological use.

Our main lines of research are:

1) Creation of new high-performance nanoscale forms of biologically active and medical substances

       The products that we develop are nanoscale spherical containers based on non-hazardous biocompatible polymers that can be loaded with various biologically active and medical substances.

These delivery systems developed by our specialists provide a new means of introducing drugs into the body alongside more traditional solutions (pills, capsules, ointments, creams, suppositories).

Our polymer nanoparticles have a higher capability for penetration of body barriers and cellular membranes and targeted delivery of drugs to damaged organs, tissues and cells.

New nanoscale containers guarantee the desired effective concentration and therapeutic dose of inserted bio-active substance for a long period of time, which allows to decrease the number of introductions of the drug into the body, reduce the quantity of active substance and to shorten the period of treatment.

Polymer nanoparticles ensure direct, targeted delivery of bio-active substance into the selected area (affected region), bypassing other body parts and avoiding systemic exposure of the organism to the bio-active substance and its side effects.

Moreover the use of polymer nanocarriers allows to create hydrocompatible forms of advanced and highly efficient bio-active substances whose use was formerly limited or impossible due to their poor solubility in water.


2) New medical and bio-tech materials based on porous polymer hydrogels

Porous hydrogel materials developed by our company can be used for creating soft tissue replacement implants, wound dressings, systems with controlled drug discharge and matrixes for tissue engineering.

Our materials are characterized by high biocompatibility, biodegradability, stimulation of regeneration processes, high sorbing capacity, stability and a range of other features, that allow to use them as a basis for developing medical devices superior to all the currently existing analogues, while at the same time keeping the production cost at a much lower level.


We are currently preparing for production two products based on MM-Gel porous hydrogel material:

  • MM-Gel-R wound dressing developed for effective treatment of wounds, ulcers, burns, freeze-burns and bed sores of various etiology, skin defects and areas of donor skin harvesting, as well as for replacement of skin grafts. The distinctive feature of our wound dressing is that it can be used at any phase of wound treatment.
  • MM-Gel-F surgical implant, developed to fill post-surgical cavities and soft tissue defects, for example in surgery or cosmetology. The implant stimulates reparation process in the wound area, fully degrades into harmless products and gets substituted by tissue in several months. The material has good adhesion to the surface, takes the form of the defect and remains stable under standard sterilization procedures.


3) Medical and biotech polymers with own biological activity

For a number of years "Amphion RPC" has been working in cooperation with Biomaterials Academic Centre of the D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia on the development of conceptually new medical devices, as well as biotech and agricultural products polymer materials with their own biological activity.

Our studies resulted in the development of two big bioactive polymer groups:

) Phytoactive polymers polymer derivatives of plant growth and development regulators, that can boast a comprehensive range of unique features:

  • High-level activity at low dosage;
  • Prolonged action;
  • Lower risk of overdose;
  • No hazard to human health;
  • Resistance to incidental loss of active agent;
  • Optimal solubility in water.
 B) Immunostimulating polymers polymer derivatives of natural aminoacids possessing high-level immunostimulating action, while enhancing the production of interferon and suppressing replication of microorganisms under the effect of antibiotics.

These polymers can be used as:

  • Components for new safe blood substitutes;
  • Immunostimulants that decrease the decease and recovery period.